Landlord Relations Workspace on HomelessnessHead Leases<div><p>Hello,</p><p>I am currently looking for examples of head lease arrangements between non-profit agencies and private market landlords.  Is there an agency(s) that are currently entering into head lease arrangements?  If so, please let me know how to contact.  I am interested in looking at the policies, lease agreement and 3rd party agreement related to…</p></div>Kelly GozTue, 05 Feb 2019 21:18:06 -0500 landlords for rent via direct bank deposits - what's the deal?<div><p>Hello from Ottawa,</p><p>Some of the landlords in Ottawa, both small and large  providers, will not accept payment for rent via direct bank deposits. Since the City is striving to become paperless, for cost efficiency as well as for the sake of the environment, the days of printing and mailing cheques are coming to an end. Does anyone have any light to…</p></div>Denise HeringerMon, 14 May 2018 15:13:05 -0400 Engagement Logic Model<div><p>Hello everyone!<br> <br> Here in Chatham-Kent we just launched our youth housing first program (yay!) and are fortunate enough to have a dedicated landlord engagement position. We are using the Landlord Engagement Tool as a guide for the position. </p> <p>In the guide, outputs and outcomes are listed and this has been wonderful to give us an idea of possible…</p></div>Sarah Fraleigh-BulckaertFri, 09 Feb 2018 15:35:42 -0500 Me Anything! Landlord Engagement<div><p><strong>*Access the full transcript in English </strong><strong><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class=" WikiLinkType1">here</a>*</strong></p><p>__________________________________________________________________________________</p><p><strong>Engaging with landlords can be difficult. Building lasting positive relationships can be even more challenging. Join us, and a group of experts for our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on how to best engage with landlords in…</strong></p></div>Moderator/ ModérateurMon, 22 Jan 2018 15:09:18 -0500 Me Anything – Landlord Engagement with Michael McGee, Housing Coordinator at the Canadian Mental Health Association<div><p><strong>Working with and engaging landlords is the topic of this month’s Ask Me Anything session. </strong></p> <p>Working together with property owners is an important part of maintaining stable housing for individuals who experience barriers in accessing housing or are at risk of eviction. Landlords can have a variety of concerns about tenants, agreements and…</p></div>Moderator/ ModérateurTue, 08 Nov 2016 11:45:39 -0500