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Welcome to the Community Workspace on HIFIS – a place where people with an interest in HIFIS can come together to collaborate. Whether you are a front line worker, a community leader, new to the application or an expert, this space provides an opportunity to ask questions, exchange resources and share lessons learned with your peers.


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What is HIFIS?

Built on a partnership model between the Government of Canada and communities across the country, the HIFIS software is a component of the federal government’s Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

HIFIS provides the data needed by local communities to increase their knowledge and understanding of local homelessness issues and to inform decision-making to prevent and reduce homelessness. It also feeds data to the National Homelessness Information System which is used to create a portrait of homelessness in Canada.

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Canada+logo.pngCoH%20Logo.pngThis Workspace is funded by the Government of Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy. The opinions and interpretations in this forum are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.

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