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Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness offers evidence-based training and technical assistance to help organizations and communities build and operate high performing Housing First programs – tailored to the unique needs of each community.

Training includes:

  1. Initial core community training to introduce Housing First to your key stakeholders and initial training to Housing First service providers.
  2. Customized in-service Housing First training and technical assistance providing onsite and remote training and expert advisory support based on a plan developed by you and our Training Director. We’ll match you with experts who have the specific skills and experience to assist with your unique needs.
  3. Community of practice calls – in the fall of 2016 we will begin offering monthly regional community of practice calls moderated by Dr. Sam Tsemberis. These calls are open forums for your teams to meet their peers, to ask questions and get advice on some of the challenges or questions that will emerge as you work of Housing First.
  4. Developmental evaluation and fidelity assessment to assess programs progress toward Housing First fidelity and provide quality improvement advice. Our team can visit programs and complete a comprehensive review and provide a report with recommendations for quality improvement.

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