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Welcome to the Community Workspace on Homelessness – an interactive space for communities and by communities!

It is an opportunity for leaders, service providers and policymakers to share information, seek input and guidance from others, as well as have discussions around homelessness.

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Lindsey Gradeen-Nipissing District  -  1 Reply  -  10 hours ago Discussion

Attn: Ontario PiT Count Coordinators

Jesse Donaldson | Canadian Observatory on Homelessness  -  3 Replies  -  2 days ago Discussion

After Hours Support

Esther Armstrong  -  2 Replies  -  6 days ago Discussion

Ethics Approval for PiT

Krista Gladney  -  2 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Discussion

How to Record a Client’s Support Network in HIFIS 4

Ali Ryder  -  0 Replies  -  4 weeks ago HIFIS Software

More secure passwords in HIFIS 4

Ali Ryder  -  0 Replies  -  8 weeks ago HIFIS Software

Register for Housing First Community of Practice Webinars: October

Michelle Bilek  -  0 Replies  -  2 months ago Discussion

Use of tablets/mobile technology?

Greg Tedesco  -  3 Replies  -  2 weeks ago Discussion

HIFIS 4 Training Materials

Deb DeBok  -  1 Reply  -  2 months ago HIFIS Software
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